Society for Disaster Medicine 


Gabe Kelen, M.D. directed the project to launch a new professional society to provide a forum for all aspects of disaster health sciences.



The establishment of a Society for Disaster Medicine is critical to the promotion of the field and the development of its interests.  This society is inclusive of all fields related to disaster health including medicine, public health, nursing, EMS, first responders, etc.  The Society for Disaster Medicine will aim to serve and promote these fields as well as offer opportunities for education and training.  The founding members have been identified through their active roles in the Disaster Health field and include physicians, researchers, nurses, other clinicians and policy makers.

Completed Project Overview

The Society for Disaster Medicine and Public Health (SDMPH) is an incorporated free standing 501 (c) tax-exempt society promoting the development and interests of disaster health. It was developed under PACER II and has met all of its primary objectives.

SDMPH has been developed into a fully functional, self-sustaining, robust society for the promotion of research and interests in the field of disaster health. We accomplished this objective through a series of promotional events, culminating in a large inaugural meeting with the support of the society's flagship journal, The Journal of Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness (DMPHP), and PACER Leadership. 

The Society for Disaster Medicine and Public Health (SDMPH) is dedicated to the promotion and advancement of excellence in disaster medicine and public health acrossa broad global, multi-professional membership. The SDMPH draws relevant knowledge from multiple health professions into a single discipline that specifically deals with health issues affecting individuals and populations in a disaster or public health emergency.

The Society provides members with the resources, organizational structure, and means tosustain inter-professional interaction and discourse related to the nascent discipline ofdisaster medicine and public health.

Benefits of Membership: The initial benefit is an electronic subscription to Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness at a greatly discounted rate. A print version is also available to members at a discounted rate. More benefits are planned for the future, as the society infrastructure evolves.

Vision: The SDMPH will ensure all potential health system responders are ready, willing andable to meet the health security needs of individuals and populations affected by disastersand public health emergencies.

Organizational Philosophy: The SDMPH is grounded in the fundamental tenet that every health professional has aduty to protect and preserve the health security of individuals, communities andcountries. This duty is amplified during disasters and public health emergencies, makingit an additional vocation of all health professionals whose expertise supports the capabilities of the disaster health system.

Mission: The mission of the SDMPH is to advance and promote excellence in education, training and research in disaster medicine and public health for all potential health systemresponders based on sound educational principles, scientific evidence and best clinical and public health practices.

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Principal Investigator(s) and Researchers(s)

Gabor D. Kelen, M.D.

Director, PACER