Medical Surge Capacity Metrics 




Medical surge capacity has been an important concern for contingency planners. Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD)-21 directly raises this concern. The purpose of this study is to translate the most up to date science on surge capacity into a functional tool - in this case an applet that allows its user to estimate surge capacity for a given hazard in a given medical facility. Since the end-user has control over the input variables, the effect of certain operational tactics and strategies on augmentation or degradation of surge capacity can be ascertained. This control also provides the end product with adaptability that could inform various other sectors. This allows a facility to plan a  phased implementation of surge response as dictated by the size of the surge.


Completed Project Overview

The focus of the Surge Capacity Metrics project was to ensure that individuals tasked with preparing their facility for an unexpected, catastrophic event are better prepared to handle the large influx of patients.

The outcome of the fundamental research behind this project is an innovative application, entitled Surge. The application is an easy-to-use new tool targeted towards hospital administrators and emergency planners to assist in assessing readiness for a suddensurge in patients from an unplanned, large-scale event.

Surge can simulate bed expansion, inflow and outflow alterations, andinterventions to increase capacity or make room for disaster patients.In the first phase (year one), investigators reviewed literature regarding hospital surge and interviewed hospital personnel to identifyand fully describe all variables that may have an impact on hospital surge.

The applet has been written in JAVA and C# in order to facilitate ease of use and accessibility. The applet was developed with input from investigators and interviews withknowledgeable hospital personnel and with the end-user in mind. The draft user interface was sent to a group of hospital planners fo revaluation and finalized based on their feedback.

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Principal Investigator(s) and Researchers(s)

Gabor D. Kelen, M.D.

Director, PACER